Per ticket fee

A simple, flat per ticket fee means no large up-front investment to get up and running, and no risk that lower than expected ticket sales will leave you out of pocket.

No percentage fees

Charging a percentage of face value starts to get expensive when selling higher value items like classes or memberships, so we think it's fairer to stick with a flat fee per item.

No monthly minimum

Seasonal sales patterns or big one-off events mean pricing structures with monthly minimums don't suit everyone, so we don't have them.

Credit card transaction fees

Monad Ticketing can be integrated with a wide range of payment providers depending on your needs and banking arrangements. These providers charge their own fees directly.

Standard integration and setup included

A standard package of basic website integration, data conversion, consultancy, training and configuration are all covered by the per ticket fee. Requirements in excess of the standard package may be chargeable.

Upgrades and support included

Technical support from 9am to 9pm is included in the per ticket fee. Upgrades to newer versions of the system are also included, and can either be applied automatically, or when convenient.

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