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Monad Ticketing provides a full array of features required for ticketing, marketing and reporting. It is designed to be simple, flexible and fast and to meet the needs of any venue or organisation needing a ticketing system.

Shetland Arts

Shetland Arts

Shetland Arts run Mareel and the Garrison Theatre in Lerwick and Bonhoga Gallery in Weisdale, and promote a year round programme of music, craft, theatre, literature, visual arts, dance and film events.

They exist to support creative people; they believe that creativity is an important part of everybody’s life, no matter who you are, where you live or what you do.

Shetland Arts use the tagging feature to highlight their special film screenings such as "senior", "relaxed" and "subtitled" and have used packages to create festival passes including tickets to multiple concerts and workshops.

Features for Arts Venues

Monad Ticketing is a web-based solution, accessible from anywhere and from any device (laptop, tablet or smart phone). The online sales pages are also used by box office staff, which means that staff get to work with the same site that is simple enough for the public to use, and any difficulties are quickly spotted by staff and fixed, benefiting the public online experience at the same time. The easy to use interface requires next to no training for day to day box office sales.

  • Versatile & easy-to use
  • Requires minimal staff training
  • Maximises online sales
  • Improves customer service

Our integrated Point of Sale interface, optimised for touch screens, means we can handle mixed baskets of tickets, merchandise and food and drinks at a single terminal.

The system includes a comprehensive reporting suite, and simple yet powerful marketing tools that let you combine searches in an intuitive way to build target lists of customers.

Royal Academy of Music

Royal Academy of Music

The Royal Academy of Music is one of the leading conservatoires in the world. The Academy provides undergraduate and postgraduate training across instrumental performance, composition, jazz, musical theatre and opera, and recruits the most talented musicians from around the world, with a student community representing more than 50 nationalities.

It hosts performances and educational events for all ages across a number of spaces including Duke’s Hall, its flagship 400-seat concert venue.

Features for Academic Institutions

The per ticket fee with no monthly minimum means there are no charges when the system isn't being used out of term time.

  • Easy to schedule recurring classes or events
  • Flexible data capture during checkout process
  • Benefits and restrictions based on user status

Membership functionality allows granting access to limited events to parents or students.

Free-but-ticketed events can be handled.

Robust limits on how many tickets can be ordered prevent enthusiastic parents booking out an entire show.

codeREADr Access control integration allows for secure validation of e-tickets using only a mobile phone preventing copied tickets.

Windsor Festival

Windsor Festival

The Windsor Festival aspires to be amongst the premier Music and Arts Festivals in the UK, playing an important part in the cultural life of our community and reflecting its special position as a royal town.

The festival takes place in the spring and autumn each year and holds events across a number of venues including Windsor Castle, the Royal Chapel, St.George’s Chapel and the Vicars' Hall.

Complex seat plans and price bands are managed in Monad Ticketing's flexible structure, and onsale rules and configurable membership statuses allow for seamless priority booking and membership discounts for friends, benefactors, ambassadors and sponsors.

Features for Festivals

Monad Ticketing has a simple, drag and drop, user interface to manage lists of members and previous attendees to help maximise turnout, encourage advanced online sales, minimise queues and increase attendance.

  • Flexible structure to organise content
  • Date based displays
  • Member specific benefits
  • Ability to scale for high demand events

Our flexible structure allow events to be organised and viewed by location, genre and date, as well as a full text search capability.

Festival passes or deals such as "buy tickets for any 5 shows and receive 10% off" can be offered to online purchasers without the need to call the box office. The smart system design allows for the creation of complex packages and when the package requires only a single extra item to complete the deal the system will autocomplete the package for the customer, where possible.

Our per ticket pricing structure means it's viable to sell tickets for months in advance, even for a once a year event.

The site skin can be built in "Running Basket" mode, making it easier for someone to add tickets for a variety of events to their basket without having to go back and forth from a basket page.

Windsor Visitor Information

Windsor Visitor Information Centre

Windsor Visitor Information Centre use Monad Ticketing to sell a variety of products from allocated tickets to local theatres to bus tickets and local boat tours, directly from their website or their information centre desks.

The system enables them to capture additional information such as car registration numbers for events in the grounds of Windsor Castle and can automatically link different products together so that a car parking voucher can have the same ‘valid from’ date as the ‘tour’ already in the customers online basket.

Windsor VIC also sell tickets for Windsor Duck Tours and French Brothers Boat Tours. These both sell their own tickets, but through using Monad Ticketing's API integration Windsor VIC can sell directly from the same ticket supply in real time.

Windsor VIC have arrangements with local hotel concierges for them to sell tickets directly to their customers, which Monad Ticketing enable through its user accounts, credit functionality, account statements and reports.

Features for Agencies

Monad Ticketing makes it simple to structure events and venues based on folders which are not restricted by traditional hierarchy (venue, event, performance). Setting up one-off events is easy, any folder can be tagged with venue, space, event, genre and/or performance data. Products can be created in folders that can be anything from merchandise to memberships and this leaves the system free of clutter as no unnecessary setup is required to fit a pre-defined hierarchy.

  • Simple interface to manage a wide range of different events and venues
  • Administrative functions to handle commissions
  • Sales on account

This easy setup interface allows for easy delivery of ticketing services for B2B customers and the simple differentiation of system functions between user accounts, means additional sales channels can easily be created from the likes of hotel concierges to cross database selling with other organisations using Monad Ticketing.

The system includes flexible configuration for commission fees as well as other delivery, transaction, and per item fees. Comprehensive and customisable reporting provides financial data, which can be emailed directly on a schedule.

Hobbs of Henley

Hobbs of Henley

Hobbs of Henley was founded as Hobbs and Sons in 1870 and is still family owned. Today it operates the largest fleet of boats anywhere on the Thames.

Services include scheduled sightseeing trips, special-event public cruises, the Henley Regatta River Taxi and self drive hire.

Features for Attractions

Monad Ticketing offers a streamlined checkout process where unnecessary feature don't get in the way of the sales. If there's only one part of house and no allocated seating, it doesn't make you click through screens where there's only one valid option. If there's only one delivery method, then that page is automaticlly skipped in the checkout flow.

  • In advance and on-site sales
  • Manage regularly recurring schedules simply
  • Flexible pricing, discounts, packages
  • Speed of sale

To futher speed door sales, a special site skin optimised for touch screen POS use is available, and the session's home page can be pinned to a specific date or time or set to always go to the current timeslot.

Special offers and packages automatically apply to tickets in the basket where appropriate.

For timed entry it's quick to setup or update a large number of dates and times using our "Create Performance Run" functionality.

Voucher codes for special offers and sales channels such as GroupOn and Amazon Local can be system generated and issued to customers or 3rd party offer codes can be imported and recognised by the system when customers present them online or in person.

Our built in access control system can use a variety of barcode scanner hardware to scan tickets from fixed terminals, and codeREADr Access control integration allows for secure validation of e-tickets using only a mobile phone.

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