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Social Distancing

Seating plans can be set up so that when a seat is booked, a configurable list of "nearby" seats are made unavailable.

Nearby seats can be calculated based on distance, contiguous seat blocks, or whole rows, or can be configured by hand.

Digital Product Delivery

Monad supports the delivery of digital products such as online video, live streams and Zoom meetings.

Secure Content can be attached to products, and made available when those products are purchased.

Mass Cancellation Tool

Monad has a mass cancellation tool that will allow you to cancel whole performances, should this be required by lock-down rules.

When a performance is canceled, the value of tickets can either be refunded immediately where possible, or credited to customer accounts.

Account Donation

Customers with accounts that are in credit as a result of cancellations can donate their credit balance with one click.

Designed around online sales

The whole system has been designed around online sales and e-ticketing from the ground up.

The online sales interface allows ticket buyers to see what’s on, to search for shows by any text associated with them, and to browse through your content in a way that’s clear and accessible.

Easy to use seat plan and “offer best” algorithms

The seating plan is pure HTML and does not require any Java or Flash or other plugin.

Having entered the number of seats required, the customer can use the seat plan to specify where they would like to sit, and the system allocates them the best nearby seats whilst enforcing business rules such as “not leaving a single seat at the end of a row”.

Fiddly operations such as lassoing seats and clicking on them individually are avoided.

Customer Profile

Customers can log into their profile to view their purchase history and change their addresses, phone numbers, marketing preferences and so on.

Social Features

Customers can register or login using Facebook or Google ids to save remembering another password.

Details of ticket purchases can be shared on Facebook or Twitter, including a link to retrieve nearby seats reserved during the booking process.

System always up to date

Unlike systems where the box office staff use a different application to sell tickets, with Monad the online sales screens are used by box office staff too – which means that the online sales functionality can never lag behind.

All discounts available online

All discounts – 3 for 2 offers, membership, promotional codes, etc. – are automatically calculated, so there is no need to make people telephone the box office to get the best price.

Flexible on-sale rules

You can choose which shows are visible and on sale online, which shows are visible and on sale to box office staff, etc., with a high degree of granularity.

Just because it’s possible to sell everything online doesn’t mean you have to if you don’t want to.

Variable, flexible and dynamic pricing

Variable pricing allows ticket prices to be varied for specific performances. For example, the Saturday night performance may have a higher prices than the Wednesday matinee.

Flexible pricing allows seats to move in or out of existing price bands for specific performances based on demand. For example, if all the highest price stalls seats (rows A-E say) have sold out then rows F and G could be moved into the highest price band, so revenues can be maximised for the performance.

Dynamic pricing uses an algorithm to constantly shift the price of indiviual seats in real time based on the demand for the performance, in the same way airline seat prices change. Monad Ticketing offer each of these pricing models.


The system allows short cuts to be created to shows, individual performances, venues, spaces, or any other container, allowing you to promote them on the front page of the website whilst keeping the structure intact.

Automated emails to customers

Configurable automated email can be sent by the system for the following events: account creation, reset password, order confirmation, reservation creation, reservation expiry, customer status creation (e.g. membership), customer status expiry.


Any number and type of membership scheme can can be created. Memberships can be set to automatically renew, or send email notifications automatically when they are scheduled to expire.

Reservations and Deposits

Reservations can be made and retrieved from the basket, optionally by customers themselves, or by Box Office Staff Members.

Products have a paid reservation option that enables taking of a deposit, which is used against the balance.

Donations and gift aid

Prompts for donations for can be configured at the basket stage. It's possible to have multiple donation prompts with customizable suggested amounts.

Gift aid declarations are captured and stored against the customer.

Gift Vouchers

Create gift vouchers redeemable against a specified range of products, with an expiry date.

Waiting Lists and Ticket Ballots

Allow customers to sign up to a waiting list or ballot.

Box office staff can manage the list.

Responsive design

The online sales interface uses responsive web design techniques to provide the optimal viewing experience for tablet and smartphone users.

Standards Compliant and Accessible

The online sales interface complies with W3C AA accessibility guidelines

SEO friendly

The online sales interface is built around a structure that makes it just as easy for search engines to index shows as it is for customers to browse through them.

All URLs are SEO friendly with descriptive text and no id numbers in the links, and can be linked into from other sites and content management systems.

Easy to use

Box Office Staff Members use the same web pages as the public online sales interface to sell tickets.

If you log in as a staff member you gain access to extra options allowing you to specify who you are selling tickets to, but apart from that the sales process is unchanged.

The public sales process should always be as simple, quick and smooth as possible: why give your box office staff anything less?

Low training overhead

As the sales interface is the same as the public online sales, next-to-no training is required for box office staff.

Smart customers searches

All information about a customer – name, email address, postal address, etc. – is indexed, and a single simple search box allows you to search for customers with instant results.

No more tabbing through dozens of fields, trying to enter a fragment of information in the postcode field and another fragment in the surname.

Searches are "fuzzy", so searching for "Claire", "Clare" or "Clair" will all return the same results.

Customer Profile: Staff member view

Staff members can view customer profiles including their purchase history, reservations and take over their basket to complete a transaction.

They can change addresses, phone numbers, marketing preferences and so on.

In addition staff members can add staff-only notes on customer accounts, and view a log of interactions.

Customer status and highlighting

Customers can be assigned different statuses with in the system, often as the result of purchasing something e.g. buying a membership will confer membership status.

Customer statuses are highlighted to notify staff that a customer is, for example, a member or VIP.

Linked accounts

Customer accounts can be linked together with a relationship. For example and two users that share a joint membership will be linked.

Smart order searches

As well as looking up customers and viewing their order history, staff members have access to both quick and advanced order searches to find orders for collection by credit card number, order reference, purchase date, and other fields.

Refunds and cancellations

Staff members can cancel tickets through a quick and simple process.

Cancelled tickets are returned to the basket so that the order can be amended and rebooked if necessary. The value of cancelled tickets is returned to the customer’s account, where it can be used to purchase replacement tickets.

Refunding an amount from the customer’s account to their credit card or other payment method is a separate process with separate security rules.

Hardware Support

We currently support Stimare and BOCA ticket printers, and the Citizen CL-S521.

We currently support the Star TSP100 receipt printer, the Posiflex CR4000 Cash Drawer and Chip & Pin.

Intuitive UI with drag and drop features

Setting up venues, spaces, shows and performances is quick and easy.

The seat plan editor allows you to select, move and arrange seats with ease, all within the browser.

Template based seat plan

Seating plans can easily be applied to multiple performances using a template, and one-off edits can then be made to add, remove or block out seats as required.

Flexible structure

The system does not force you to use the traditional hierarchy in which you must create a venue containing shows containing performances.

The structure is based on folders, which can be tagged as venues, spaces, shows and performances as required, can contain any kind of element, and can be dragged around and rearranged.

A show that is on tour, for example, might have a top level folder tagged as a show, which contains folders that are tagged as both venues and performances for each night of the tour in a different city.

Temporary spaces can similarly be configured without permanently clogging up the database forever after.

Custom Tags

Custom tags can be added to folders to make them easier to browse.

This can be used to create categories like "Film", "Dance" or "Theatre" or to highlight certain performances like "Relaxed", "Senior" or "Subtitled".

Configuration Inheritence

Because of the flexible folder structure, any folder can contain any configuration element.

Rather than having a fixed requirement that, for example, seating plan layouts are attached to spaces, a seating plan could be used by a single show, and not get in the way in future.

Standard discounts can be set up that apply system wide – such as “children are always 50% off” or “students are £5 off” – and applied to performances, but discounts can also be set up to override these for individual performances, or shows.

Merchandise and food & drinks

Any type of product can be sold through the system, including support for SKUs and inventory taking.

Complementary products can be included in packages for cross selling. Add a glass of champagne to enjoy in the interval!

Commissions & fees

Commissions & fees are configured in Monad's flexible structure.

This allows for one fee structure (like 50p + 5% of value) to be calculated for many different products, and for different products to have different fee structures.

Payment Types

Monad offers many payment types and integrate with a wide range of payment providers.

Available payment types is completed configurable with in the system.

YesPlan Integration

Shows and performances can be sent to Monad from the YesPlan Venue Management system.

Customer Segmentation

Segment customers into Customer Lists using an intuitive drag and drop interface.

Customer Lists are set up by combining the results of customer searches on demographic information, customer status, orders, donations or location.

Stored in the database, they can easily be used for reporting and analysis, or exported for mailshots and further analysis.

Automatic customer tagging

Belonging to a Customer List tags the user with that list name.

Lists can be created dynamically, so customers are automatically tagged when the fall with in the dynamic list definition.

For example a dynamic list called "Local Donors" might be defined as "All people that have made a donation, and live within 10 miles of the venue".

When a customer living nearby makes a donation they are automatically tagged as a local donor.

Agency & Promoter Reports

Our report engine and role based security combine to give access agencies or promoters access to reports that concern them, without opening the rest of the system.

Reports can be emailed from the system directly, or set up to email on a schedule with dynamic parameters.

MailChimp Integration

A two-way sync between Customer Lists and a MailChimp provides seamless integration for creating, sending, and tracking email newsletters.

Arenametrix Integration

Data feed reports are provided for integration with the Arenametrix Customer Relationship Management & Revenue Optimization Platform.

Audience Finder Integration

Data feed reports are provided for integration with the Audience Finder automated Box Office Analytics.

Powerful, Flexible reporting

The reporting system can produce reports as interactive web pages, spread sheets, and PDF and Word documents.

Live Marketing Preferences

Customer editable marketing preferences such as mailing list membership are built into the Customer Lists.

Custom Fields

Custom forms can be configured to capture additional user information, in general, or related to a particular event during the checkout process.

This data is also accessible in reports.

Customer Questionnaires

Flexible custom forms can be used to present questionnaires such as "Where did you hear about this event?" during or after the checkout process.

GDPR Ready

The system has been designed to capture marketing preferences in a granular and auditable way to make it easier for your organisation to comply with GDPR.

Audit Trail of all transactions

All changes to the database can be audited and logged, and searched by the system administrator.

Role based security

User access levels can be configured based on the roles that user performs in the organisation.

Hard Ticket Control

If are dealing with hard ticket stock, the serial numbers can be stored in the database and displayed to staff when stock is picked, so that any discrepancies and missing tickets can be noted.

Ticket Scanning

The built in scanner does the basics, and we integrate with others for a more fully features solution.

codeREADr Integration

Barcode databases can be synchronised with codeREADr allowing robust and reliable barcode scanning from mobile devices with offline fallback.

Web based

The system is entirely web based, so no installation on box office PCs is required, minimising support and setup costs and IT overhead.

It's accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Scalable to handle high volume events

The system is hosted on Amazon’s EC2 cloud, and so can easily scale up adding extra servers to handle certain events, and then remove those servers again when not required.


Various parts of the system are exposed via APIs allowing integrations with other platforms or websites: from RESTful interfaces to simple RSS feeds.