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Monad’s cloud-based ticketing solutions help clients across the UK and Australia optimise their sales opportunities, simplify internal processes and make the most of their data.

Our flexible system elements combine to best suit the different business needs across multiple sectors including performing and visual arts spaces, sporting venues, academic institutions and much more.

Use the filter tools below to explore who we work with, and how these organisations get the most from Monad, or get in touch to request a demo.

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Highlighted Features

Web Based

Monad Ticketing is a web-based solution, accessible from anywhere and from any device (laptop, tablet or smart phone).

Requires Minimal Staff Training

The online sales pages are also used by box office staff, which means that staff get to work with the same site that is simple enough for the public to use.

Versatile & Easy-To-Use

The system has a flexible structure that allows event set up to reflect how your venue runs, and doesn't force you to bend bits of functionality in directions they were never meant to go.

Maximises Online Sales

Because the system is build online-first, there a no packages, offers or discounts that the system can't make available online.

Unless you choose to limit access, everything the staff can do in the box office, the public can do online.

No one has to call the box office to buy tickets.

Donations and Gift Aid

Prompts for donations for can be configured at the basket stage. It's possible to have multiple donation prompts with customizable suggested amounts.

Gift aid declarations are captured and stored against the customer.


Monad Ticketing has a simple, drag and drop user interface to manage lists of members and previous attendees to help maximise turnout, encourage advanced online sales, minimise queues, tag customer accounts for fundraising and increase attendance.

Improves Customer Service

The sales interface and CRM presents a customer centric view of all the data you have associated with an account, and allows you to find order histories and membership statuses of linked account, alerts you to customers that are VIPs, and let you take over baskets from people struggling to book online.

Point Of Sale Interface

Our integrated Point of Sale interface, optimised for touch screens, means we can handle mixed baskets of tickets, merchandise and food and drinks at a single terminal.

Comprehensive Reporting

The system includes a comprehensive reporting suite, and simple yet powerful marketing tools that let you combine searches in an intuitive way to build target lists of customers.

Seating Plan

The seating plan is pure HTML,customisable for both theatre and cabaret seating.

Having entered the number of seats required, the customer can use the seat plan to specify where they would like to sit, and the system allocates them the best nearby seats whilst enforcing business rules such as “not leaving a single seat at the end of a row”.

Fiddly operations such as lassoing seats and clicking on them individually are avoided.

Scalable for High Volumes

The system is offered as a service, and with notice we can provision additional servers to cope with high demand on sales. The system also supports ticket ballots, as a more sensible alternative to first-come-first-served when demand far exceeds supply, and incorporates a queuing system to help deal with unexpected spikes in demand.

YesPlan Integration

Shows and performances can be sent to Monad from the YesPlan Venue Management system.

Selected Clients

An Lanntair

Key Features

  • Bespoke theme matches main site, with "Book Tickets" link from main CRM
  • Full point of sale integration with scanning gift shop items and books
  • System used for festivals hosted by the venue such as Faclan and Hebridean Dark Skies, with festival passes and other festival management tools
  • Custom reporting tools for measuring KPIs

An Lanntair is a hub for creativity and the Arts in the Outer Hebrides. A multi arts venue - at one and the same time a contemporary art gallery, a theatre, a cinema, a dance studio, a concert hall, a platform for poetry and literature, a studio - every space stretched to showcase the Arts in multiple forms.

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Australian Shakespeare Company

Key Features

  • Versatile & easy-to use
  • Requires minimal staff training
  • Maximises online sales
  • Ability to scale for high demand events

The Australian Shakespeare Company presents exciting, accessible, contemporary productions of Shakespeare, children's classics, musicals and other plays both outdoors and indoors around Australia and internationally.

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Broadway Barking

Key Features

  • Packages automatically apply family discount when the right tickets are in the basket
  • School Panto trips are managed, with reservations, purchases on account for payment later,
  • Monad powers entire website without need for separate CMS

The Broadway is a performance venue in Barking town centre. The building was previously a 'municipal hall' known as Barking Assembly Hall, forming part of Barking Town Hall.

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The Cockpit

Key Features

  • Integration with Drupal CMS allows visiting companies to upload web copy and images to the CMS and have them automatically imported into Monad
  • Follow up emails sent day after performance asking for feedback
  • System also manages the Voila Europe festival on the same database, but with a separate theme and its own domain name.

The Cockpit Theatre is a fringe theatre in Marylebone, London. Designed by Edward Mendelsohn and built in 1969-70 by the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA) as a community theatre, it is notable as London's first purpose-built Theatre in the round since the Great Fire of London.

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Haslemere Hall

Key Features

  • Product Maps allow for easy navigation between parts of house
  • Tickets are on sale to members only during a pre-sale period each month

Haslemere, with a modest population of about 15,000, is extremely fortunate to possess such a building as Haslemere Hall. It is a fully equipped theatre seating approximately 340 in a main Auditorium with upper Balcony. The large stage has facilities for flying scenery and there is a modern computer controlled lighting and sound system. There are ample backstage dressing rooms, Green Room etc. As a multipurpose building it is also used for lectures, meetings etc. There are regular cinema showings of current films, and there is a licensed bar.
This was all made possible by a local benefactor by the name of Barclay Lewis Day , who was living in Haslemere back in 1912. He decided to build a Hall with his own money, and he invited well known architects to submit their plans in a competition for the best design.

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Old Court

Key Features

  • Monad powers entire website without need for separate CMS
  • Simple theme minimises implementation cost
  • Cross system integration allows tickets from Windsor Festival to be sold via Old Court site, and vice versa.

The Old Court Artspace (formerly The Firestation) is Windsor's new performance and event venue for live music, creative events and community organisations, with a bar run by Windsor & Eton Brewery

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Ruddock Performing Arts Centre

Key Features

  • Per-ticket pricing model means no charges outside term-time when no tickets are on-sale
  • Limits on how many tickets each parent can buy per account
  • Rules making tickets on sale to parents only

The Ruddock Performing Arts Centre is a collaborative project between King Edward’s School and King Edward VI High School for Girls designed to support our high quality performing arts provision. The centre is the most significant new building on the Edgbaston site since the two schools moved here in 1936.

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Shetland Arts

Key Features

  • Versatile & easy-to use
  • Requires minimal staff training
  • Maximises online sales
  • Improves customer service
  • Ability to scale for high demand events

Shetland Arts run Mareel and the Garrison Theatre in Lerwick and Bonhoga Gallery in Weisdale, and promote a year round programme of music, craft, theatre, literature, visual arts, dance and film events.

They exist to support creative people; they believe that creativity is an important part of everybody’s life, no matter who you are, where you live or what you do.

Shetland Arts use the tagging feature to highlight their special film screenings such as "senior", "relaxed" and "subtitled" and have used packages to create festival passes including tickets to multiple concerts and workshops.

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South East Dance

Key Features

  • Ability to easily take donations and make bookings
  • Integration with YesPlan
  • API to integrate website with the ticketing system

South East Dance is an arts charity dedicated to challenging perceptions of what dance is, who it’s for and what it can achieve. Their vision is to create lasting artistic and social change in and with dance.

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National Youth Arts Wales

Key Features

  • Monad's translation tools allow the customer journey to be completed bilingually, with the entire system available in both English and Welsh
  • Customer statuses allow complex bursary discounts to be automatically applied
  • Our GoCardless integration allows parents to split the cost with Direct Debit payment by installation

National Youth Arts Wales leads the development of Wales’ six prestigious Music, Dance and Drama youth ensembles. Students gain exceptional training and performance opportunities with intensive and enjoyable residency programmes held during school holidays.

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