COVID-19 preparedness

bencurthoys Mar 13, 2020

Just a quick note to reassure everyone - Monad is and has always been a distributed company.

Everyone has always worked from home all the time, we have never had a central office, and all of our processes - the phone system, access to servers and hosting, internal communications tools - are based on everyone working and communicating remotely. If any of us fall ill, have to self-isolate, or travel is otherwise restricted, it will make no difference to our operations whatsoever.

Our staff are widely distributed, currently located in Berwick-upon-Tweed, St John’s Newfoundland (that’s in Canada), Abergavenny, London, and Hull, so any localised problems will also not affect operations.

We are currently working on improving the automation around bulk cancelling events and communicating with ticket buyers about cancellations and hope to announce this new functionality in the coming days.