Monad announces revolutionary ChatGPT 4.0-powered reporting

MGM May 9, 2024

Monad, provider of the robust and flexible ticketing, CRM and audience insight solution trusted by partners across the UK and Australia, today announced the launch of groundbreaking generative AI-powered reporting tools for the Monad Ticketing system.

This innovative solution - that delivers accurate, verifiable data in response to natural language queries - empowers organisations to streamline data analysis, gain deeper insights into customer behaviour and optimise ticketing operations, all without writing a single line of computer code.

“We are excited to announce this industry-leading integration of generative AI into a ticketing platform,” said Ben Curthoys, Monad’s founder. “Our new LLM (large language model) powered reporting tool will help our clients unlock the true potential of their ticketing and CRM data, extracting valuable insights that were previously difficult to access, and we are looking forward to seeing what our customers do with it.”

Key benefits of the Monad Ticketing ChatGPT 4.0-powered reporting tool:

  • Natural language queries: users can generate reports by simply asking questions in plain English.
  • Ease of use: no need for complex coding or data analysis skills.
  • Faster insights: get the information you need quickly and easily.
  • Improved decision-making: make data-driven decisions about your ticketing operations.

The tool was launched during an exclusive online presentation and demo to guests including Monad clients and industry leaders yesterday. The session was recorded and is available for catch up now at


As well as a live demonstration of the tool in action with questions taken from attendees, the session explored Monad’s approach, mitigating concerns including data sovereignty and data leaks, hallucinations and accuracy and whether AI is about to make ticketing professionals redundant.

Organisations looking for a ticketing and CRM system can find out more about Monad’s cloud-based box office solutions and request a full system demo at, while existing partners can contact the support team by emailing or calling 020 3475 3506.