Further updates to Sales UI

MGM Aug 31, 2022

Since our last post in July, we have continued to refine our thinking around the Sales user interface. I wanted to share a quick look at the new menu structure ahead of the planned release in the coming weeks.

Menu structure from version 1.394.38.0 onwards:

Previous menu structure:

You’ll be pleased to know that no functionality has been removed, we’ve just taken the opportunity to simplify the menu structure to make navigating the system simpler.

The historic options of Find/Add Customer, Lookup Order and Lookup Code have been combined into one new system-wide Lookup tool:

We’ve dropped the repetition of the word Search, giving us the new Orders, Reservations, Baskets, Customers and Lists options. These functions still perform exactly the same way, giving you multiple options to find the system content you are looking for. Customers remains the new home for merging users combining the merge tool with the previous back-end only Potential Duplicates report.

Lesser-used system functions like Manage Batch Printing (now called View Delivery Progress) and manually opening Cash Drawers (where applicable) have moved into the Session Properties page, accessible by the link in the top menu bar. This link will continue to display the name of the Hardware you are connected to if applicable.

We hope you’ll find these changes intuitive, as always if you have any comments or queries feel free to discuss them with the Monad family here on the forum, alternatively pop us an email