Digital Product Delivery - Part 2

bencurthoys Nov 2, 2020

It turns out that the functionality described in Digital Product Delivery wasn’t what we ended up building.

Using the “delivery” mechanisms to render an HTML document that could be viewed by the purchaser has a couple of big problems:

  1. It’s really hard to customise what the HTML will look like - you end up having to get down into the mechanics of how all our delivery and printing works at quite a low level
  2. You can’t change the content of the document nearer to the time.

What we wanted was a way of selling someone e.g. a stream, or a zoom class, without having to actually have the embed code or meeting id at the time you put the tickets on sale - because it might be being sorted out later.

Therefore we’ve created a new “Secure Content” object that lives in the folder tree:

that allows you to enter multiple time-sensitive bits of HTML content

When you first set the performance up, you might have only a holding message, and that’s all people see. You might later add another message to become visible shortly before the stream, and another with the live embed, and perhaps another after the stream is over. The page people see auto-refreshes when it’s time for another piece of content to become live.

Products are linked with secure content:

and when someone buys a ticket for a product that has secure content associated with it, they get the appropriate message from the time-sensitive content value displayed on the order confirmation page

which links through to a page which will display the message -

In addition, people who have purchased secure content can also view it when browsing the folder the content is in.